The last single is here! A big thank you to HillyDilly for premiering Body Can't Hold. 

We’ve posted all of Nashville singer-songwriter Jessie Early’s work, and, today, just a few weeks from the release of her debut EP, Wild Honey, we’re given another pop-leaning, evocative piece in “Body Can’t Hold” that we’re electing to share.

Jessie provides a flawless meld of melancholic tones and soothing production here, and it’s one that ties together gorgeously beside her standout writing of the song. The piece was originally intended to be scrapped in its initial stage, but with the help of co-producer Jeremy Larson, it’s ended up becoming arguably her best release to date.

Dive into Jessie’s third single below, and be on the lookout for her aforementioned debut EP, as it’s coming out March 31.
— HillyDilly
Aaron Early