Thanks to The Wild Honey Pie for premiering Wild Honey today. Exclusive 24 hour stream before it's everywhere tomorrow. Also, very thankful for such a sincere and thoughtful review. 

To start, I should probably acknowledge that we weren’t attracted to Jessie Early’s Wild Honey EP purely because the title sounded a little familiar. I can always appreciate a decent coincidence (“synergy”), but were it not for Early’s clear mastery of her craft, we wouldn’t be talking right now.
I’ve always felt that the best pop is always grounded by a layer of sincerity — something that cuts through the blatantly obvious buoyancy or lament of the melodies and instrumentals to allow for a more personal touch. If the song doesn’t mean anything to its writer, how could it ever really mean anything to me? Take Early’s lead single “Heart,” a synth-laden gem with vocal melodies and inclinations that recall an almost folk-sounding storytelling. The delivery feels honest, and that was the first thing that drew my attention. Discussing the meaning of her songs, Early said:
I have a friend who says that the most uncharted subject matter in songs is “everyday life.” Wild Honey really feels like a collage of the last few years of my life…marriage, love, fighting, crying, praying, failing, laying in my living room floor staring at the ceiling, dreaming, driving, dancing in the kitchen. The EP was sort of a collage of these everyday moments.
Wild Honey really started about 3 years ago. I hadn’t written a song in a few years. I had a friend come up to me one night and tell me that the things in my life that I thought were a desert were actually a river bed. It was really a divine moment for me. Basically the things that I felt like were totally desolate or forgotten or dead in my life were actually the things that were going to be really full of life, beauty, and creativity. For me, it really shifted my perspective on my marriage, on my life, and my writing. After that, the songs just started coming and the EP really came out of that place.
With such an auspicious start, Wild Honey retains that sense of possibility, taking on subjects that, while somewhat painful in the moment, feel like they offer a certain catharsis and hope. “Body Can’t Hold” and the title track are particularly moving, the subdued tempos offering a steadfast and earnest resilience that feels addicting. The strings on the latter were offered up from Jeremy Larson, currently gaining attention through his Violents project with Monica Martin, who also produced the EP.
Not to say that all the songs have a more serious tone. “Holy Ghost” and “Living on Your Love,” revel in unabashedly upbeat sounds. The dichotomy on the EP makes sense given Jessie Early’s influences: “Production-wise I was really inspired by everything from Tom Petty, Paul Simon, Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, to Sylvan Esso, Lorde, to these old videos of Rich Mullins.” Be sure to give the whole EP a listen above, and check out the release when it’s out officially tomorrow!
Aaron Early

WILD HONEY set to debut March 31 is now available for PRE-ORDER on iTunes. Immediately get singles "Heart," "Holy Ghost," and "Body Can't Hold" and hear the rest on March 31. Xo.

Aaron Early

The last single is here! A big thank you to HillyDilly for premiering Body Can't Hold. 

We’ve posted all of Nashville singer-songwriter Jessie Early’s work, and, today, just a few weeks from the release of her debut EP, Wild Honey, we’re given another pop-leaning, evocative piece in “Body Can’t Hold” that we’re electing to share.

Jessie provides a flawless meld of melancholic tones and soothing production here, and it’s one that ties together gorgeously beside her standout writing of the song. The piece was originally intended to be scrapped in its initial stage, but with the help of co-producer Jeremy Larson, it’s ended up becoming arguably her best release to date.

Dive into Jessie’s third single below, and be on the lookout for her aforementioned debut EP, as it’s coming out March 31.
— HillyDilly
Aaron Early

A big thank you to No Country for New Nashville  for premiering Holy Ghost, the second single from WIld Honey coming March 31.

When it comes to ’80s pop revival, it seems musicians either unapologetically recreate the past or carefully lift elements to weave into the sounds and styles of the present. Local pop artist Jessie Early resurrects arena drums, guitar solos, and tightly arranged background vocals for single “Holy Ghost.”

Early elaborates on the track, saying, “My parents are both musicians and songwriters, so I grew up listening to Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Petty. Those were some of the sounds and arrangements that have really inspired this particular song.”

“Holy Ghost” premieres ahead of the EP release for Wild Honey, out on March 31. Produced by Jeremy Larson, Wild Honey is Early’s solo debut. Listen to the single below!
Aaron Early

Thrilled to have KICK KICK SNARE premiere the first single from the EP, Heart. 

I live by letting music take me where my heart wants to go. Today, that led me to Nashville, and onto the doorstep of indie-pop artist Jessie Early. Fun fact: Did you know your heartbeat pattern changes and mimics the music you listen to? In this case, listening to the singer’s debut song, “Heart,” I’m on cardiac and cerebral watch since a calm feeling of euphoria is now racing through my veins.
Aaron Early